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Currently, the build guide contains some of the most popular parts we’ve seen on the practice rigs and variants that match the spec. Over time, this guide will grow into a database of the most common racing variants we have in DRSL.
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DRSL Kit - Project399 Practice Rig


Arm Guards

Tail Fin

Rear Mount

Arm Protect

Session Mount

Slippy Kit - Project399 Practice Rig

prig #1 (1 of 1)

Camera Mount

Arm Covers

Session Mount



Adding Weight

We usually use GoPros but sometimes the pilot is low on weight, or they want to swap out as to not damage the gopro while learning the track. This placeholder allows you to add weight in one of the session mounts in the kits.

Session Placeholder Top

Session Placeholder Bottom

Popular Build Tips & Suggestions

Bob’s Sticky Lead Weights – Game Changer

We’ve found the default motor screws to be too small, so motor screws should be about 10mm with our current mods