Spec Racing Creates Better Racing

By equalizing the field and creating closer competition, spec racing allows pilots and spectators to better enjoy each race. Instead of competing against just the course, the pilots will need to outwit and outmaneuver each other. This will lead to more passing, action, and fun!

More Durability Means More Racing, Less Fixing

By requiring a higher weight limit, pilots can focus on building racing drones that last and are easy to work on. This means spending less time and money on broken parts and missed heats. Additionally, we’d like to see an end to pilots needing fleets of drones to compete at a high level.

Who We Are

DRSL is a collaboration between FPV pilots from all over. DRSL is not a traditional business or company, everything we make goes to contributors and back into the organization as a way to host more races or buy more gear. We merely exist to further this spec of racing we’ve found to be truly unique and fun.